What are the different types of infrared bathroom heaters?

In the bathroom, there are several types of infrared heating systems to choose from. From a towel drier that delivers dry and warm towels to a bathroom mirror with lights and warmth, there’s something for everyone. A wall-mounted bathroom heater or a ceiling heater are additional options. All infrared bathroom heating models are splash-proof and can be placed securely in a wet or damp environment.

Electrical heating with radiant heat offers hitherto unimagined possibilities. The several types of infrared heating in the bathroom are explained.

Bathroom ceiling with infrared heating

Warmteshop offers infrared heating bathroom ceiling panels and bathroom wall panels. Because the heat emanates from above, an infrared heating bathroom ceiling offers a better heat distribution than bathroom wall panels. Furthermore, the floor warms up beautifully, and dark floor tiles retain heat even better. Underfloor heating is no longer required.

An electric ceiling heating bathroom is available in a variety of sizes and capacities (wattage), ensuring that the right heating panel is always accessible. In the bathroom, you can also choose from a variety of electric ceiling heating colors. Infrared panel ceilings are available in white or black as usual, but you can also select from a wide range of RAL colors.

The infrared panel ceiling has a metal or hardened safety glass surface. Infrared heating bathroom ceilings are 1.7 and 2.2 cm thick, respectively. It blends in with the room thanks to the thin infrared panel ceiling. The beauty of an infrared panel ceiling is that it may be used in conjunction with LED lighting.

Ceiling with infrared heating and lighting that is environmentally friendly

You get two cost-effective devices with an infrared heating ceiling and illumination. For the infrared panel ceiling, a unique LED frame can be placed around the ceiling heating. The consumption of infrared bathroom ceiling heating is quite low. When compared to gas heating, you save 30 to 50 percent on heating costs.

You can also take advantage of the cost-effective LED illumination. The infrared heating ceiling with illumination is lit by LED bulbs that consume only 48 watts and provide a nice glow to the room. The LED panel comes in a recessed frame on the ceiling and comes in a variety of sizes.

When installing both devices, you just need one connecting point, which is a significant benefit. You can also use a wireless combination kit to control the infrared heating ceiling and lighting. This allows you to control two devices independently of one another. In the bathroom or living room, we frequently encounter an infrared heating ceiling with lighting.

Above the washbasin, a mirror is heated

The standard mirror over the washbasin is replaced by a mirror warmer. An infrared heating mirror can be really useful. This heated mirror is a show-stopper in any area, but in a bathroom, the mirror heating is especially useful. Everyone wishes to visit a bathroom with a stunning mirror that reflects the sun’s warmth.

The infrared heating bathroom mirror’s surface is constructed of extra-durable safety glass that is slightly chrome-plated. The mirror with heating fits nicely over the washbasin thanks to its 2.2 cm compact design. Because the infrared heating mirror is splash-proof (IP44), it can be safely positioned over the washbasin or elsewhere in the room. The infrared mirror heater can be installed on the wall either horizontally or vertically.

The mirror heating not only heats the bathroom beautifully, but it also does not fog up after a shower or bath. That’s a significant benefit. You don’t have to dry the mirror with a cloth once you come out of the shower. You quickly recognize yourself in the mirror.

The heated LED mirror in the bathroom offers a relaxing ambience

As an alternative to LED mirror bathroom heating, a mirror with infrared heating is also available. You can place loose magnetic strips around the mirror heating and snap them in place. To connect the LED heater, you only need one connection point. Direct or indirect LED illumination is available for the infrared bathroom heating with lights.

The LED mirror bathroom heating is then controlled independently. Only the illumination or the infrared heating can be turned on. Alternatively, you can do both at the same time if you like. You may also control the intensity of the LED bathroom mirror heating. For example, bright light can be used to shave or apply make-up. If you want to have a relaxing warm bath, use mood lighting.

Warm and dry towels are dried in a towel drier

The Warmteshop collection, of course, includes a towel dryer. This electric towel dryer is one of a kind. It’s a three-in-one device, with the towel dryer bathroom serving three purposes:

towel rack with infrared heating infrared heating infrared heating infrared heating inf
The towel drier is a combination of a bathroom heater made of glass or metal with towel racks. The brackets appear to float in the air thanks to the invisible mounting bracket attached to the rear of the heating panel. On the towel drying heater, two or three towel rails can be attached.

With a dual-zone system, an electric towel dryer is available

Dual-zone infrared heating is another name for an electric towel dryer. Because the heating panel is divided into two zones, this is the case. The pure infrared heating bathroom is one zone, with temperatures reaching 115 or 120 degrees Celsius (depending on the model). The towels can be dried in the other zone of the towel drier at a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

Using the supplied mounting brackets, the towel drier can be installed on the wall in two ways. Above or below the towel rails. The surface can be ordered in any RAL color and even as a print photo painting. In a sleek modern setting, a black towel dryer, for example, looks fantastic.

Warm and dry towels are provided by the sophisticated dual-zone combination, which also heats the bathroom space. When you use an electric towel dryer, you get the most out of the heat and the least amount of energy. You can even control an electric towel dryer with a thermostat remotely using an app on your phone.

Underfloor heating comes in a variety of styles, from sophisticated infrared underfloor heating to traditional water-based heating. The infrared underfloor heating is made up of sophisticated electric film elements and is a great way to bring some extra warmth to your home. Infrared underfloor heating is excellent for installation under a tile or concrete floor because these self-adhesive mesh mats are only 3.2 mm thick.

The mesh mats for underfloor heating can be laid directly on the concrete cement screed. We recommend putting insulation boards in the bathroom for a faster heating time and cheaper energy expenditures. The concrete-cement subfloor can be bonded to these plates.

Nothing beats walking into the restroom and feeling the amazing warmth beneath your feet. Combine infrared underfloor heating with a towel dryer to ensure warm, dry towels at all times. Finish the look with a heated bathroom mirror to avoid fogged reflections after a shower or bath. Infrared heating in the bathroom is usually a pleasant experience. Ideal for use as a primary or secondary source of heat.

Electric underfloor heating has a number of advantages

Heating your bathroom floor with self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mats, also known as infrared underfloor heating, is a rational and ecological decision. The following are some of the benefits of electric underfloor heating:

  • Heating time is significantly reduced when compared to warm water underfloor heating.
  • Floor construction height is lower.
  • Significantly less demolition work, resulting in a cheaper and faster installation.
  • In combination with green electricity, it is sustainable and emits no CO2.

— Due to the self-adhesive mats, installation is simple.

  • IPX7 rating makes it waterproof.

— Comes in a variety of sizes and wattages.

Electric heating that is placed on the wall is splash-proof

At the Warmteshop, you can choose between electric wall-mounted heating and ceiling heating, as previously discussed. A mounting bracket and kit are included with both types of infrared heating bathroom. The IPX4 class of an infrared panel bathroom indicates that it is splash-proof. As a result, you can install bathroom heating in moist rooms. Whether it’s a towel dryer, mirror heating, or ceiling heating, we’ve got you covered.

Always keep a 60-centimeter safety space between the wall-mounted electric heater and the nearest water connection when installing it. With a wireless thermostat, you can effortlessly control the infrared panels. An app on your smartphone allows you to set and control them independently of one another.

The heating thermostat can manage several switching times thanks to the various programs. You may, for example, program the infrared panel to turn on half an hour before you wake up and quickly change the temperature to your preferences. You conserve electricity while getting a pleasantly warm and comfy bathroom with infrared panels.

Would you like to learn more about the many types of infrared heating systems for bathrooms? An infrared mirror over the washbasin, a towel dryer opposite the shower, or ceiling heating with lighting? Or, in the bathroom, how to mix solar panels with electric heating?

Ecaros, Alkari, Warmteshop, Infraroodpaneel, and Badkamer Verwarming are some of the bathroom heater brands.

Are you prepared for infrared heaters in the United States? Do you require an infrared heater for your home or an outdoor heater?

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