New technology heating system

The interior of the Infrared panel electric heating is unique. Our heating elements are very thin and evenly distributed over the panel.

This creates a maximum surface heat distribution. As a result, our infrared panels are quickly at the desired temperature. They therefore also have a short reaction time when you change the temperature in the room.

Our high-tech heating system can withstand high temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the long life of the infrared heating of the Infrared panel.

Innovative products are unimaginable without new design and innovations in materials. New technical developments, new materials and new designs are closely linked.

Depending on the type, the infrared panels are available with:
– a powder coat layer
– a glossy glass surface or
– made of high-quality toughened safety glass.

The only 20 mm thick panels can be mounted unobtrusively on the wall or as ceiling heating. The installation is done using a unique suspension system. It has a good lock.

Do you want to renovate your house or are you moving? No problem, the panels can be removed from the wall or ceiling with one hand. For the operation of the noiseless infrared panels you only need a power connection.

Infrared tech at Infrared Heaters USA.

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